UP BJP MLA suggests a union for legislators

Shyam Prakash, BJP MLA from Hardoi (File Photo/Twitter)

Lucknow: A day after a BJP MLA alleged that he was being harassed by officials in the Yogi government and caused embarrassment to the ruling party, another BJP MLA put up a post on his Facebook page asking whether legislators should also form their own union.

Shyam Prakash, BJP MLA from Hardoi, wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday that , “Peons to IAS, home guards to IPS – all officers and employees in various departments, village heads, farmers and traders have their unions. Should legislators also form their own unions now? In politics today, it is the MLA who is the weakest link.”

On December 15, the BJP MLA had posted a video clip of a policeman accepting bribe and had said in the caption that, “There is no fear of the government in corrupt officers and policemen.”

Meanwhile, BJP MLA Nand Kishore Gujjar, who had attempted to raise the issue of harassment by officials in the assembly on Tuesday but was denied the opportunity, apologised for his behaviour in the assembly n Wednesday.

However, he said, officials were taking commission and had no fear.

“There are barely one or two per cent officers who are honest. Other officers do not listen to people. If a probe is ordered into the NGOs run by officers’ wives, the extent of corruption will be known,” he said.

The chief minister, meanwhile, has directed senior minister Suresh Khanna to address the problems raised by Gujjar in his constituency.

 Published on: Dec 18, 2019 at 16:18 IST


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