Vikas Dubey’s old video surfaces, shows gangster resolving disputes

(File Photo: Twitter)

Kanpur: An old video of gangster Vikas Dubey has surfaced in which he can be seen interacting with the local people and resolving their disputes.

In the video, Dubey can be seen standing in the courtyard of his house, surrounded by his henchmen, and talking to the local people.

Sources said that Dubey would hold a court of sorts in his house that now stands demolished in Bikru village where people would come to him with issues related to land disputes, family disputes and other such matters.

Dubey’s word would be final and both parties would gladly accept his decision.

His ‘adalats’ would often be held either in the courtyard or in an orchard behind his house.

For the local people, he was a Robinhood of sorts, and people preferred to approach him rather than the police for any problem.

According to a local source, the video is about two to three years old and has been retrieved allegedly from the mobile phone of one of the cops, presently under scanner.


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