Uttar Pradesh: Dial 100 vehicles to play ‘Jaagte Raho’ tune to alert public

Photo: Instagram (Picture Used For Representation)

Lucknow: Remember those good old days when the watchman would shout “Jaagte Raho” throughout the night to keep thieves at bay.

The Uttar Pradesh Police have now adopted the slogan and all Dial 100 vehicles will play “Jaagte Raho” instead of the routine siren.

A trial run has already been started in the Hazratganj area of Lucknow.

Residents are applauding the idea.

Ramesh Naithani, a business who lives in Hazratganj, said: “It is a reassuring slogan and also confirms the presence of police in the area. The earlier siren was misleading because people have installed in on motorbikes too.”

The police have been grappling with allegations of deteriorating law and order situation and insensitive behaviour of the cops.

Director General of Police O.P. Singh said: “We have controlled the crime graph to an appreciable extent. We are trying to cultivate a people-friendly image for the police force and are trying out new initiatives. This is one of them.”


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