Uttar Pradesh: 4 kg gold found buried in field

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Bijnore: A group of villagers in Uttar Pradesh has found 4 kg worth of gold jewellery which was buried deep in a field.

The incident took place on Sunday in Kazipura village where the group was digging to build a shrine. They came across an earthen pot in which the gold jewellery was kept.


A joint police and Revenue Department team was informed and an investigation has been launched.

According to officials, the jewellery seems to be of gold and from an ancient period.

The news spread like wildfire and people started flocking to the field. Within minutes, a huge crowd had gathered to see the ornaments, which included two necklaces, bangles in the form of springs and some other items.

The villagers also launched an excavation operation there but they did not find anything else.

Published on: Sep 30, 2019 at 09:40 IST


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