Twitter cites technical reasons for briefly restricting Amul account

New Delhi: A day after unblocking the Amul account, Twitter on Saturday said that technical reasons led to the brief restriction imposed on the account.

The blocking of the account on Thursday led to public outrage, with many speculating that dairy brand’s “Exit the dragon? Amul Made in India” creative on June 3 might have led to the restrictions.

Twitter, however, denied that the brief restrictions had anything to do with the content that the account published.

“Safety and security of the accounts is a key priority for us and to ensure an account has not been compromised, sometimes we require the account owner to complete a simple reCAPTCHA process,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.

“These challenges are simple for authentic account owners to solve, but difficult (or costly) for spammy or malicious account owners to complete. Once the account clears this security step the account regains full access. To protect the accounts we routinely require them to clear this security key for login verification.”


Amul Managing Director R.S. Sodhi said that the Twitter India MD clarified the issue.

“Had a call from Shari Manish Maheshwari MD Twitter India, clarifying the issue that the account was blocked due to technical reasons and not in relation to the content published,” Sodhi said in a tweet.

The explanations, however, left some users unsatisfied.

“Isn’t it startling that the technical glitch happened just after @Amul_Coop posted cartoons on China. They did it deliberately. Amul will continue to receive strong public support,” said one user.

“Lame excuse. Don’t believe at all. Strong arm tactics against a big Indian brand. Shameful. Will buy more and more Amul products now to show my protest,” wrote another user.



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