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Trump calls Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’

San Francisco: A blundering US President Donald Trump on Thursday addressed tech giant Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” while the latter sat there, nodding quietly during a meeting at the White House for the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. “We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple,” Trump told Cook during a meeting at […]

US President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Trump accuses Google of suppressing positive news about his presidency

Washington : US President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Alphabet Inc.’s Google search platform of elevating critical news stories about his presidency at the expense of friendly conservative voices, declaring that it is a “very serious situation” that will be addressed. Trump, in a pair of tweets early morning, said that a search in Google […]

Trump’s joke on Cristiano Ronaldo falls flat

Washington : US President Donald Trump cracked a joke about Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo running for president against incumbent Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who responded by saying that Portugal “is nothing like the US”. What started off as a casual conversation on Wednesday about the World Cup between Trump and Rebelo de Sousa, who […]

Jimmy Fallon plays with then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's hair on a Sept. 15, 2016 episode of 'The Tonight Show' (YouTube)

Trump tells Fallon to ‘be a man’

Los Angeles : US President Donald Trump slammed Jimmy Fallon over the TV show host’s recent comments in a podcast episode wherein Fallon became choked up talking about the grief he got after tussling Trump’s hair on his show. According to, Trump tweeted on Sunday: “Jimmy Fallon is now whimpering to all that he […]

File Photo: US President Donald Trump

Trump declares N.Korea ‘extraordinary threat’

Washington : US President Donald Trump cited an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to American national security as he maintained long-standing economic restrictions on North Korea, including the freezing of any assets in Washington, a media report said. An official declaration, contained in a notice to Congress, came on Friday despite Trump’s assertion this month that […]