US President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Trump accuses Google of suppressing positive news about his presidency

Washington : US President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Alphabet Inc.’s Google search platform of elevating critical news stories about his presidency at the expense of friendly conservative voices, declaring that it is a “very serious situation” that will be addressed. Trump, in a pair of tweets early morning, said that a search in Google […]

US President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Trump tries to block China Mobile’s US entry

Beijing : The US administration has recommended that state-owned China Mobile, the world’s biggest cell phone carrier, be denied a licence to operate in the US, prompting Beijing to warn Washington to shun “Cold war mentality”. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which is a part of the US Department of Commerce, cited national security […]

Jimmy Fallon plays with then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's hair on a Sept. 15, 2016 episode of 'The Tonight Show' (YouTube)

Trump tells Fallon to ‘be a man’

Los Angeles : US President Donald Trump slammed Jimmy Fallon over the TV show host’s recent comments in a podcast episode wherein Fallon became choked up talking about the grief he got after tussling Trump’s hair on his show. According to, Trump tweeted on Sunday: “Jimmy Fallon is now whimpering to all that he […]

File Photo: US President Donald Trump

Trump declares N.Korea ‘extraordinary threat’

Washington : US President Donald Trump cited an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to American national security as he maintained long-standing economic restrictions on North Korea, including the freezing of any assets in Washington, a media report said. An official declaration, contained in a notice to Congress, came on Friday despite Trump’s assertion this month that […]