Soldiers at Siachen break eggs with hammer, shows video

New Delhi:  Life is tough at Siachen where temperature could range from minus 40 to minus 70 degrees Celsius, but a video showing soldiers posted there breaking eggs with hammer has won hearts.

The video that has gone viral on social media offers a glimpse of everyday hardships of the soldiers at the world’s highest battlefield.

In the video, three soldiesrs were seen breaking open tetra pack of fruit juice, only to reveal block of open ice.

They then explained how they need to boil the juice to drink. The video also revealed that breaking is no mean task when you are at Siachen. The soldiers explained that they need to use hammer to break the eggs.

“How our army men have to fight the extreme weather at #Siachen… Please forward it to so-called liberals and ‘sickular’ who miss no opportunity to downplay or degrade #IndianArmy,” wrote on Twitter user.

“Oh my God this is so sad… hats off to our brave n resilient #Siachen soldiers..Life is so tough for these brave hearts,” added another.

“Salute to our #Brave #IndianArmy jawans at #Siachen in minus 40 degree to guarding motherland #India #Salute,” tweeted another user.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh earlier this week visited the Siachen Glacier and praised the “tenacious resolve and unstinting commitment” of the ‘Siachen Warriors’.

Rajnath Singh was accompanied by Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat, as he arrived at the Thoise air field and was received by Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, who heads the Army’s Northern Command.

 Published on: June 8, 2019 at 21:50 IST


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