Shubhangi, Farnaz define ‘perfect’ husband

Shubhangi Atre (File Photo)

Mumbai :  Actresses Shubhangi Atre and Farnaz Shetty share what are the several traits that make a man the perfect husband.

Shubhangi Atre, popular as Angoori Bhabhi from “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain”, said in a statement: “I believe in today’s time, the most important quality in a man is his belief in equality and the ability to treat his wife with the same respect. Dominance and superiority were traits that men proudly carried once upon a time, but in this new age, it’s not something that women like or appreciate.

“In a marriage, a husband is a companion and I believe it’s necessary for a companion to be his wife’s best friend and support her through all her victories and failures.”

“Siddhivinayak” actress Farnaz Shetty said the most important thing that a woman should look for in her life partner is how he loves and accepts his woman just the way she is.

“Bitti Business Wali” actress Prakruti Mishra considers the idea of having a ‘Perfect Pati’ a myth.

“We all have our own imperfections, but the one that you choose to love and live with the rest of your life, should love you back with the same fervour,” she said.

&TV’s upcoming fiction offering, “Perfect Pati”, will bring forth a new outlook to a woman’s decision of choosing her life companion.

 Published on: Aug 30, 2018 at 15:51 IST


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