Railways to have airport-like contactless ticketing system: Chairman

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New Delhi: Taking a big leap towards digitalisation, the Railways will move towards airport-like contactless ticketing with QR code enabled tickets, which will be scanned on handheld devices and mobile phones across its stations and trains, Railway Board Chairman V.K. Yadav said.

Addressing a virtual press conference here, Yadav said that while 85 per cent of the train tickets are currently being booked online, this QR code will also be available for those buying tickets from the counter.

“We have introduced a QR code system which will be placed on tickets. If one buys online, the code will be provided on the ticket. Even on window tickets, an SMS will be generated and sent on the mobile phone which will have a link and it will display the QR code when the link is touched,” he said.

The Chairman said that the TTE at stations or on trains either with their hand held equipment or through their mobile phones which will have a QR application will be able to scan the code and immediately capture details of the passengers travelling on the ticket.

“So the ticketing system will be completely contactless,” he said.


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