New-born baby found in dry drain in Ghaziabad

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Ghaziabad:  A new-born boy was found lying in a dry drain in the Dasna area of Ghaziabad district on Monday, police said.

According to the police, the baby was spotted by Shabnam, a woman living in the neighbourhood that comes under the Masuri police station.

“I was going to collect fodder for my cattle around 5 a.m. when I came across a bunch of dogs barking over a gunny bag lying in a dry drain. When I heard a baby’s cry from the bag. When I picked it up I found a new-born baby wrapped in it,” said Shabnam.

“I brought the child home, gave him a warm water bath, wrapped him in new clothes,” she said. “But few hours later, some policemen came and took away the child,” said her neighbour Irfan Mama.

“We have handed over the child to the government hospital for care,” said Sudhir Kumar, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ghaziabad.

Shabnam said she followed the policemen to the Masuri police station and then approached the Collectorate, pleading that she wanted to adopt the baby. “I am a divorcee, in my thirties and living alone. I thought I would adopt the baby accepting it as a gift from God. I am not aware of the legal procedure for adoption,” she said.

Asked about her approaching the police to claim the infant, Kumar said, “To hand over the child to any applicant is beyond our power. The legal adoption procedure will have to be followed through the Magistrate.”

Stating that she was disheartened, Irfan Mama said, “I plan to apply for the child’s custody legally. We will hire a lawyer for it.”

Published on: July 15, 2019 at 18:24 IST


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