MP Shocker: Woman’s head wound dressed with condom pack at community health centre

Bhopal | Poor quality healthcare system, non-availability of hearse or pregnant women being taken to the hospital on cots are frequently reported from different parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Now yet another glaring example of medical negligence has come to light, wherein the head wound of a woman was dressed with a condom wrapper.

The shocking incident took place in Morena district, where a condom wrapper was used as a temporary bandage to stop bleeding from a head injury sustained by a woman named Reshma Bai.

The incident came to light after a doctor at the Morena district hospital began to change the dressing of the wound of Reshma Bai, who was referred there from a community health centre in the district.


Reshma had received injury on her head and she was given primary treatment at a local health centre, which referred her to the district hospital.

When the doctor at the district hospital opened the bandage on her head, he was shocked to find a condom wrapper inside along with cotton.

Rakesh Mishra, the Chief Medical Health Officer (CHMO) of Morena, said, "The doctor who was treating the woman at the health centre had reportedly asked the ward boy to put some card board like material over the cotton pad, but he kept a packet of condom instead."

Mishra told IANS that the ward boy has been removed from service with immediate effect, adding that an inquiry has been ordered intto the matter.


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