IIT-K partners I2 Cure for ‘BioShield’ with proven efficacy of 99.99%

Photo Credit: Girish Pant

Photo Credit: Girish Pant

Jammu | The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT-K) has collaborated with I2 Cure (P) Limited, a ‘Make in India for the World’ Biotech company, for all future research on molecular based I2 cure ‘BioShield’ which is a broad spectrum antimicrobial with proven efficacy of 99.999 per cent against SARS COVID virus.

A press statement by IIT-K said on Monday, “Under the terms of the agreement, I2Cure future products would be incubated at IIT-Kanpur. The relationship would be of the equity partners, and validations of Dr. Jack Kessler’s global research would be done for Indian conditions at IIT-K.A

“IIT-K would also work with I2Cure to develop new aMade in India’ products for global markets, especially in tackling long-term problems in the space of Human Preventive Health, Veterinary science (FMD, Bovine Mastitis, Dermatitis), and Agri products. Conservative estimates point to more than $15 billion being added, per annum, to the income of farmers owing to the Biocidal & fungicidal benefits of Molecular Iodine preventives.

“All of the research and advancement would be performed under the guidance of IIT- K thought leaders namely Dr. Ganesh. S (Neurobiology of disorders, stress biology, and human genetics Dr. Ashok Kumar (Downstream processing; affinity interactions and cell separations; nanotechnology; biomaterials; tissue engineering) Dr. Amitabha Bandopadhyay (Skeletal development and differentiation).

“Stating on this momentous occasion, Anil Kejriwal, Founder Chairman of I2Cure shared, “I am delighted to partner my alma mater, IIT-Kanpur for research and innovation on future-ready preventive & curative products. It gives us great pleasure to be associated with an institution that is regarded as the gold standard among IITs We would jointly be happy to contribute towards the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to double Agricultural income as well as become a $5 Trillion economy. I2cure would aMake in India’ for the world.

“Adding to it, (Prof.) Dr. Ashok Kumar, BSBE (Biological Sciences & Bioengineering at IIT Kanpur) added, “We are thrilled to welcome one of our 50 most distinguished alumni back to the campus & work towards creating lasting solutions for humans, bovine as well as agricultural problems plaguing India & the world. We’re excited about the prospects of IIT-K researched and curated solutions getting global attention. Our faculty & research scholars are also excited about mutually sharing knowledge with acclaimed scientists like Dr. Jack Kessler. IIT-K is known for its aintensive and cutting edge research’ approach and we’re confident of partnering other Indian Institutions and Govt. labs to lead India into the next leap”.

Dr. Kessler is a multiple patent holder with more than three decades of research in Iodine technology and has isolated, stabilized, and patented molecular Iodine (I2) which could potentially be 500 times more efficacious than the current Povidone-iodine.

“Not only does the Molecular Iodine-based BioShield protect against Covid, but is effective against all Bacterial, Fungal, Viral threats, Tuberculosis, Tinea, and all other skin diseases”.


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