IAS officer lodges complaint about pesky calls from call centre in UP

Lucknow |  A senior woman IAS officer has lodged a complaint against unidentified staff of a call centre for making pesky calls and using abusive language.

In her complaint, the IAS officer said she received incessant calls on the mobile phone of her husband, also an IAS officer, and an executive, representing a multi-national bank, kept saying she had not paid her dues for a credit card issued to her by the bank.

“When my husband asked about the credit card, there was inconsistency in details provided, so he told them not to call again, since no credit card had been issued by that bank to me,” she said in the FIR.

She added that the call centre executive misbehaved and started using multiple numbers to call repeatedly.

“When we approached Lucknow Police, the calls stopped, but in Dec-Jan period, the calling resumed on my husband’s mobile number with a similar claim. It appears someone used my personal details and got a credit card issued by the bank and now its call centre is harassing us,” she stated.

Hazratganj SHO Vikram Singh said that an FIR has been registered and a probe was on.


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