Fake WhatsApp post spells misery for Maharashtra vendor

Nashik (Maharashtra):  A social media message proclaiming details of India’s oldest liquor shop in Nashik that went viral has caused misery to the owners in its wake as it was fake.

The message on Tuesday claimed that S.B. Mistry & Sons, a liquor shop was the country’s oldest licensed establishment in existence since 1847, a century before India’s Independence in the wine capital of the country, Nashik.

The shop is still operational and proudly boasts of possessing a Licence No. 1. But the post on WhatsApp was fake. The license was allotted to it by the district authorities.

Its present fourth-generation owner, Darayus Mistry has flatly denied the message and its content, attributing it to the handiwork of some mischievous elements.

“We are old, but not as claimed by the message and even the photos circulating are not real… Moreover, the Licence No. 1 is issued for only Nashik district,” an irate Mistry told IANS.

He pointed out that there could be “many other older shops” in the country, but his was not among them and declined to elaborate more on his liqour outlet.

“My life has become miserable since this message was posted by somebody yesterday… I am harassed by calls from India and abroad, people wanting to know more or media seeking interviews. Please end this matter right now,” Mistry virtually pleaded.

A picture similar to the one circulated on social media on Tuesday, was clicked around 11 years ago and also posted on a community site, but its authenticity could not be verified from the website editors.

Published on: May 1, 2019 at 14:16 IST