Cultural Cinema Film Festival and DME celebrate world cultures, screen award-winning movies

NOIDA: Cultural Cinema Film Festival (C2F2) in collaboration with its academic partner – Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) organised a film-screening session in Studio 62 to celebrate the multiculturalism of world cinema on August 16. The session witnessed the screening of four award-winning movies and one opening movie of C2F2 in the presence of a large audience. Cineaste International Film Festival – CIFFI is the festival partner of C2F2.

Dr Ambrish Saxena, Professor and Dean, DME Media School began the session and gave an overview of the one-day event. He said, “We are glad that offline film screening is back in DME after a long gap. Film festivals are meant to enjoy movies of diverse culture and we are delighted that C2F2 has opted DME to screen its award-winning movies.”

Mr Praveen Nagda, Director, C2F2 talked about the festival, participation of various countries and film categories.

The full-day session witnessed screening of five movies – Despot’s Palace of Mystra, The Saviour: Brig. Pritam Singh, The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU, India’s grand festival Durga puja and Steps of Freedom – The Story of Irish Dance. These films beautifully portrayed the rich architectural heritage, social practices, diaspora culture and festivities of different parts of the world.

The day also had two online panel discussions wherein the maker of these films interacted with the students and teachers of DME Media School.

By EP Web Desk

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