Chilling CCTV footage of Tillu Tajpuria’s murder inside Tihar Jail surfaces

New Delhi | A chilling CCTV footage has surfaced showing the shocking murder of gangster Tillu Tajpuriya allegedly by the members of the notorious Jitender Gogi gang inside the high-security Tihar Jail on May 2.

In the CCTV footage, which has been accessed by IANS, an undertrial prisoner can be seen climbing down from the first floor to the ground floor using a bedsheet. After climbing down, he first locks the ward floor.

Meanwhile, a man wearing a red t-shirt can be seen rushing towards a cell and closing its door. The door was open for head count. Two more men then climb down using bedsheets and forcefully enter the cell, where a scuffle breaks out.

The men then drag Tajpuriya out of the cell and stab him repeatedly on the head and the body. An old man tries to intervene, but in vain. A man wearing a green t-shirt is also stabbed, and blood could be seen on his hand.

As per reports, Tajpuriya was stabbed around 50 times by the assailants, who are reportedly members of the Jitender Gogi gang.

Sunil a.k.a. Tajpuriya (33), a resident of Tajpur Kalan on the outskirts of Delhi, was lodged in Tihar Jail under tight security measures.

Gangster Satinder Singh Brar, also known as Goldy Brar who’s believed to be in hiding in Canada, has claimed responsibility for the attack on Tajpuriya, citing revenge, according to an unverified social media post.


"Hello everyone, our brothers Yogesh Tunda and Deepak Titar are responsible for the murder of Tillu Tajpuriya in Tihar Jail on Tuesday. Tajpuria took responsibility for the loss of Gogi Maan bhai and had been an enemy of our brothers since the beginning. We will soon take care of others involved," the Facebook post read.

During the inquiry, it was revealed that another undertrial prisoner, Rohit, was injured in the attack.

"The prison staff revealed that Deepak a.k.a. Titar (31), Yogesh a.k.a. Gainda (30), Rajesh a.k.a. Tunda (42), and Riyaz Khan (39) had attacked Tajpuriya with improvised knives. When Rohit tried to intervene, he was also attacked and injured," said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), Akshat Kaushal.

The prison officials suspect that the assailants had cut the grill installed on the first floor from beforehand and placed it there to avoid suspicion. Before the attack, they only had to remove the grill and climb down using bedsheets.


Tajpuriya, an accused in the 2021 Rohini court shootout in which gangster Jitender Gogi was killed, was lodged on the ground-floor of Jail No. 8. On being attacked, he attempted to flee to the cell of his fellow inmate, Rohit.

Rohit tried to shield himself by closing the cell gate but it could not be locked from inside, and the assailants barged in, injuring Rohit in the process.

"The entire attack took place within two minutes, and the staff and security personnel immediately caught the four attackers," said a prison official.


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