Amid India-China tensions, man beats up Chinese woman in UP

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Greater Noida: At a time when the relationship between India and China is strained, a man in Greater Noida beat up a Chinese woman living in a condominium for allegedly fostering a stray dog which bit his canine.

The incident occurred in Greater Noida on the day when China said that it will repatriate its citizens from India as the Covid-19 cases are spiralling. The relationship between the neighboring countries have become even more strained with rising skirmishes over the border.

A notice on the website of the Chinese Embassy read: “The Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in India will assist international students in India, tourists, temporary business visitors who have difficulties and are in urgent need to take a temporary flight back home to China.”

Against the backdrop, the incident has left the administration worried and the government concerned.

Greater Noida Commissioner of Police Rajesh Kumar Singh told IANS that the man named Amar Pratap Singh of ATS Paradiso misbehaved with the woman after his dog was bitten by another dog who she used to feed every day.

The incident happened early in the day when the accused took his dog out for a walk. “After his dog was bitten, in a fit of rage, he misbehaved with the Chinese woman.” A Non-Cognizable Report (NCR) has been registered but no arrests have been made so far, the police said.

When contacted, the Resident Welfare Association of the society refused to comment on the issue. RWA member Somvir Singh, however, said: “A complaint has been lodged and I believe necessary action has already been taken. I would request you to direct your queries to the police department rather than the RWA.”

Grabs of a purported conversation between the residents of the society also confirmed the same. In one of the messages, a woman claimed that the incident happened at 7 a.m. near tower 14 and the victim was beaten badly by the man residing in tower seven. She said that the victim was asked not to feed the dogs inside the society complex and that she abided by it.

Another resident wrote that after the incident, the girl had bruises all over and was crying. She was then given first aid and an ice-pack was also applied on her wounds. However, IANS cannot independently authenticate the message exchanges between the inhabitants of the society.



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