WWII bomb found, defused in Bosnian city

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Sarajevo, Dec 23 (IANS) A 250-kg World War II bomb was successfully removed and defused in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Bihac city on Friday, local media reported.

People living in a radius of 100 meters in the area in Bihac, some 300 km northwest from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, were evacuated to a safer location for the defusing of the bomb, reported Xinhua.

The bomb was removed by a specialized truck with a hydraulic jack and destroyed by dropping it in a pit, while security guards were set up in a radius of 1,000 meters from the destruction site, the Federal Administration of Civil Protection told local media.

The devastating SD250 German-made bomb, more than 70 years old, was found during construction work at a depth of one meter. Out of the bomb’s 250 kg, 79 kg were pure explosives, according to the Bosnian Security Ministry’s press office.