Writing freely or under pressure, Rahul asks mediapersons

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New Delhi : Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday asked mediapersons at a press conference if they were writing freely or feeling under some pressure.

“How are you, how is your mood? Are you writing freely these days or is there some pressure…a little,” Gandhi asked smilingly to the mediapersons at the beginning of a press conference in the capital.

“The general mood in the nation these days is such that people are a little scared of speaking out. Mediapersons too do their job a bit reluctantly. But our total support is with you,” Gandhi said with a smile before the turned to the issue of demonetisation, which was the main agenda of the interaction.

The Opposition has been accusing the Narendra Modi regime of trying to scuttle the freedom of expression and imposing an “undeclared Emergency” where the press is censored.

Published on : Aug 30, 2018 at 18:22 IST


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