Will take legal action against Shivraj Singh Chouhan, says Digvijay

Digvijay Singh (File Photo)

Bhopal :  After Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan allegedly dubbed him a “traitor”, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday approached the police to get himself arrested. The police, however, refused to act in the absence of any complaint/case against him.

The Congress leader, a former Chief Minister, announced he would take legal action against Chouhan for calling a traitor.

As announced earlier, Digvijay Singh along with his supporters visited the TT Nagar police station but the police maintained there was no case against him.

“I had thought that they may have evidence against me for treachery/treason. But officials of the TT Nagar police station, which is near my residence, informed me that there was no case,” the senior Congress leader told the media here.

“I have been told in writing that no case is registered against me. It means the Chief Minister has told a lie while occupying a constitutional post. I will approach a court of law and initiate legal action against Chouhan,” Digvijay Singh said.

“The Chief Minister has called me a traitor. It means I am a threat to India’s unity and integrity. The Chief Minister has taken oath under the Constitution and has to work accordingly. So, I thought I should approach police to court arrest,” the former Chief Minister added.

 Published on: July 26, 2018 at 17:31 IST


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