Why is Sukesh disclosing things now, why not before?

Sukesh Chandrashekhar (File Image | IANS)

New Delhi | Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has released his another letter that answered the most pertinent question of why he did not reveal the allegations against the AAP leaders, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and jailed Minister Satyendra Jain before when the ED and CBI were questioning him, and why now?

“I will answer this, let me tell you that I kept quiet and ignored everything but due to your constant threats and pressure through the jail administration and Mr. Jain asking me to give funds during Punjab and Goa polls, brazenly even though I was undergoing investigation,” said the Mandoli jail inmate in a letter addressed to the media.

“This year, as it become too much and I don’t have any need to take all this from you, I decided to move as per the law. Not because someone or anyone is asking me to do so,” Chandrashekhar’s letter further said.


"Kejriwalji why Mr. Jain was constantly asking me to withdraw a complaint filed in HC against former DG Sandeep Goel and the jail administration, why was I constantly threatened apart from asking me to give more funds for your election campaigns? Why afraid of enquiry? What are you scared of, if you are truthful," he asked.

"Kejriwalji, Manish ji has said that I am doing all this as I am going to be helped in my case? Let me take the pleasure to answer that, unfortunately, he is very wrong as I am not interested in any one's help and fortunately I am very capable of handling my case and proving my innocence. So stop diverting the matter from the main issue," the letter further read.

"Kejriwalji don't keep saying all this is being done because of elections. Let me tell you something and give you some advice, you and Mr. Jain are among the few people, who know me very well, so, don't hallucinate that I won't give evidence against all that I have said or won't testify, I will give every single thing that I have, which you know very well, as your mask has to be removed in open," Chandrashekhar said in his letter.


Chandrashekhar also alleged that he had been receiving offers and threats from AAP through jail administration.

"Kejriwalji stop sending me offers and threats through the jail administration and your cronies (chellas), I am not intimidated or interested in any of your offers. I will not back out," the letter read.


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