Ali Fazal (Photo Source : Instagram)

Mumbai, Dec 31  Actor Ali Fazal on Sunday said the triple talaq bill passed by the Lok Sabha is a trap.

The Lok Sabha on Thursday passed a bill that criminalises the practice of instant divorce with a three-year jail term.

Ali tweeted: “What a trap this triple talaq bill is. Wow… and nobody is consulted? I am not a lawmaker and even I follow the Beebak Collective and other groups. At least discuss. You send the husband into jail by criminalising it. You are back to square one. The family is again abandoned! Not civil.”

The legislation, which has to be cleared by the Rajya Sabha, criminalises instant divorce with three years of imprisonment for Muslim husbands.

There is a provision for a subsistence allowance from the husband for the livelihood and daily needs of the wife and the dependent children. The wife will also be entitled to the custody of minor children.

The practice of instant divorce is not followed in major Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt.