‘Thugs Of Hindostan’ trailer spectacularly disappointing

Mumbai :  After all the hype and anticipation, the trailer of Vijay Krishna Acharya’s “Thugs Of Hindostan” turns out to be much ado about nothing, except Aamir Khan.

The trailer opens with an interesting interlude where the mighty (Amitabh) Bachchan baritone which resonates across a skyline clearly painted with the same colours as “The Pirates Of Caribbean”.

Bachchan is a pirate from the “Lagaan” era and among his rugged band of thugs is Fatima Sana Shaikh who looks determined to prove “Dangal” was no flash in the pan. But Katrina Kaif is happy with the status quo. She poses and preens as though she had walked into the “Chikni chameli” sets again.

Clearly then, the girls have very little to do in this ‘maara-maari-thon’. How can they? This is an Aamir Khan film. He takes over the trailer after 30 seconds. He is the ruffian mercenary whom the horrid British colonialists want to use to tame the mutinous Bachchan.

The Khan-Bachchan confrontations may be interesting. But it all depends on how much punch the screen-printed hogging Khan packs in.

Going by the trailer, “Thugs Of Hindostan” looks like a spectacle of sound and fury signifying a shift towards a powered periodicity that boasts of much appropriation. The background score sounds like “Dhoom” remixed — and little ‘Depp’.

Published on: Sep 27, 2018 at 16:06 IST


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