Thailand: Man living with his wife’s corpse for 21 years finally cremates her

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A man aged 72, spent 21-long years with his wife’s corpse in Thailand. Sounds strange! But its true. Recently this Thai man bid adieu to his wife’s dead body by cremating her.

This is being considered as a case of ‘eternal love’. The man out of sheer love for his spouse did not cremate her even after her death.

According to media reports, Charn Janwatchakal recently decided to cremate his wife’s corpse. He was helped by a foundation in doing the cremation.

Charn lives in a one-floor concrete house in Bangkok’s Bang Khen district. The house in which he lives is in ramshackled condition. The property does not have electricity and Charn lives a very modest life. He is well educated and has several degrees to his name.

According to a report in Straits Times, Charn had kept the body of his wife in a coffin in a small room. It is in the same room he used to sleep. He used to talk to the body as if his wife were still alive.

But when he had been living with the corpse for over two decades what prompted him to conduct cremation now. According to report, Charn was worried that nobody would give his wife’s corpse a proper ceremony after his death.

The old man could be seen in a photo that he is sobbing while bidding goodbye to his wife’s coffin.


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