Shahrukh spent first salary of Rs 50 to visit Taj Mahal, drank lassi even after a bee fell into it

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Shahrukh Khan has revealed that his first visit to Taj Mahal happened with his first salary of Rs 50. He also revealed that after buying train ticket he was left with so little money that he could afford only a ‘pink lassi’ for himself.

He said when he bought a glass of lassi, a bee fell in it but he still drank it anyway as he did not had enough money to buy another one.

Mumbai Mirror quoted him as saying, “A bee fell into it (lassi), but I still drank it and puked all through my return journey.”

On Monday, Shahrukh had visited Filmistan studio to be part of Republic Day episode of Dance Plus 5. The actor shot here for a couple of hours. It is here he spoke about his days of struggle.

On the work front, Shahrukh is on a break these days.

Popularly known as King Khan, Shahrukh is one of the most celebrated actors of Film industry. He is the one who has redefined romance on the big screen.

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