Parrot ‘questioned’ by Bihar Police on whereabouts of liquor mafia

Image Via IANS

Patna | In a bid to trace a liquor mafia member, police in Bihar’s Gaya quizzed his parrot in expectation of getting any hint about his whereabouts – but to no avail, as per a video going viral.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night when a team of Gurua police station, headed by Sub-Inspector Kanhaiya Kumar went into the village to arrest Amrit Mallah, but he had already fled from his house.

When the police team reached the house, they found only a parrot. In a bid to get some hint about Mallah, Kanhaiya Kumar asked the parrot about him in Hindi and Magahi, but it only replied “Katore Katore Katore” (bowl).

“E Mitthu (parrot), Tohar Malik Kaha Gelo, Tohar Malik Chor Ke Bhag Gelo,” he asked the bird which repeatedly replied “Katore Katore Katore”, as per the video going viral.

When Kanhaiya Kumar asked about liquor being manufactured in Katora, the parrot again replied “Katore Katore Katore”.

On the viral video, a viewer commented: “Police failed to extract the secret from parrot”.

Another user said: “The parrot is loyal to his mentor and does not reveals his hideouts”.


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