One day, they (Nehru-Gandhi) family will have to go: Modi

Photo : BJP4India/Twitter

Surat | Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday taunted the Nehru-Gandhi family asserting that the family which ruled for four generations was “on bail and one day they will have to go.”

Addressing a massive youth conclave, where he received a cheering applause, he said, “You know one family which has ruled for four generations, the entire country used to tremble at the mere mention of the family, they had imprisoned the country for eighteen months.”

“Did anyone know that one day a tea seller would challenge them?” the Prime Minister asked, as the crowd cheered.

Answering questions at the conclave, Modi said, “You know that they are now out on bail. Their henchmen are also spending their time moving from court to court.” He did not name the family.

Speaking in Hindi in Bollywood style, Modi said, “Ek din unko jaana padega, jin-hone desh ko loota hain, vho unko lautana padega.”

Modi said he was happy that during the four-and-a-half years of NDA rule, the people had started feeling the change that had come about in the country.

The Prime Minister said, “During the UPA regime a sense of despair had set in that nothing worthwhile can happen in India and the people were resigned to their fate. After coming to power in 2014, the first thing that my government did was to change the attitude and bring about a new hope of development.”

Referring to the Mumbai terror attack, he compared it with the attack in Uri. “The then government slept after offering condolences to the victims of the Mumbai attack, but after Uri incident, we could not sleep and then you know what happened after that.”

About the Uri attack, he said: “I too felt the rush of blood which was felt by the jawans on the border who had lost their brother jawans at the front,” he said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Dandi memorial.

Published on : Jan 30, 2019 at 22:49 IST


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