‘We would not need CAA, had India been a Hindu nation’

Hindu Mahasabha Chief Chakrapani (File Photo)

New Delhi: “Had India been a Hindu nation post partition, India would not need a legislation like CAA”, said Hindu Mahasabha on Tuesday.

Known for his controversial stands, Hindu Mahasabha chief Chakrapani said Pakistan chose to be an Islamic nation after the British left undivided India but India becoming a secular nation has made the CAA necessary.

“Had we not chosen to become a secular republic and instead become a Hindu nation, there would have been no need for a CAA today,” he said.

However, the CAA remains a legislation for persecuted minorities outside India, namely three neighbouring countries.

Chakrapani’s claim fails to pass the logic test on how India being a secular nation would prevent religious minorities in neighbouring countries from being persecuted.

The Citizenship Amendment Act makes it easier for the non-Muslim immigrants facing religious persecution in Muslim-majority nations — Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan — to become Indian citizen and reduces the stipulated years one needs to spend in India for applying for citizenship.


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