Noida: Woman slaps e-rickshaw driver 17 times in 90 secs, arrested

Noida | Noida Police on Saturday arrested a woman for thrashing an e-rickshaw driver in full public view, a video of which has gone viral on social media.

The accused woman has been identified as Kiran Singh, a resident of Noida and a native of Agra.

A police official told IANS that the incident followed a minor accident between the e-rickshaw and a Wagon car which was being driven by Singh.

“The woman got out of the car and slapped the e-rickshaw driver multiple times,” the official said.

In the viral video, the accused woman could be seen slapping the e-rickshaw driver at least 17 times in just 90 seconds.

The woman could be seen holding the e-rickshaw driver by his collar and showing him the bruises on her car.

The police have arrested the woman after filing a case against her.


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