My career full of risky choices: Priyanka Chopra

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Mumbai, Jan 2  Actress Priyanka Chopra says she was advised not to be a part of Bollywood films “Aitraaz” and “Fashion”, but she decided to take a “risk” as she believes her career in showbiz has been full of risky choices.

“When I was younger, I never saw a long-term plan. I am not from the film community; my career has always been full of risky choices and I took decisions off the paved path. My greatest risk was me not knowing that I was taking a risk,” Priyanka told Forbes magazine in an interview.

Priyanka, 35, who played the negative role of Sonia Roy in “Aitraaz” in 2004, says she got scared when people asked her to opt out of the project.

“While shooting for the movie, people warned me that it was a wrong career move and that I would get stuck with vamp-type roles. It scared me like hell,” she recalled.

Something similar happened when Priyanka was approached for 2008 film “Fashion”.

“I was told that girls did women-centric roles only towards the end of their careers to win awards. I was advised to work with big stars and do Hollywood tent-pole type movies,” Priyanka said.

“I was afraid that I took a wrong decision again, but the fact is that I did not know any better.”

Priyanka received a National Film Award for her role of Meghna Mathur in “Fashion”.