Muslim women have broken triple talaq shackles: Modi

PM Narendra Modi (File/IANS)

New Delhi, Dec 31  Muslim women in India have finally found a way out of the agony they have suffered for ages due to triple talaq, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday.

“The age-long sufferings of Muslim mothers and sisters due to triple talaq were not hidden from anyone. After years of battle, they have finally found the way out to rid themselves of triple talaq,” Modi said.

This was Modi’s first comment after the Lok Sabha passed a bill that criminalises the practice of instant divorce with three-year jail.

He was delivering the inaugural address for the 85th Sivagiri Pilgrimage Celebrations at Sivagiri Mutt in Kerala via video-conferencing from here.

The Prime Minister, however, didn’t mention about the Muslim women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill that was cleared by the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

The legislation, which has to be cleared by the Rajya Sabha, criminalises instant divorce with three years of imprisonment for Muslim husbands.

There is provision for subsistence allowance from the husband for the livelihood and daily needs of the wife and the dependent children. The wife will also be entitled to the custody of minor children.

The practice of instant divorce is not followed in major Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt.

In his address, Modi said the government had taken measures to curb black money, corruption, benami properties and terrorism. He said the battle against these would intensify the next year.

“We will take the country to new heights in 2018 with the mantras of reform, perform and transform, development for all.”