Modi slams grand alliance as ‘mahamilawat’, calls Rahul ‘thief’

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New Delhi | Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday dubbed the opposition alliance as “mahamilawat” (grand adulteration) and said that those believing in healthy democracy will stay away from it just like healthy people keep off “milawat” (food adulteration).

In a veiled attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister called him a “thief” who has been scolding the “watchman” and rebutted his charges on Rafale fighter jet deal, saying the opposition party was bidding for another company, and that is why, they want the deal cancelled.

“The people of India have seen the work a government with a full majority can do. They have seen the work of NDA (National Democratic Alliance). And now, they (the opposition) are trying to form a government of ‘mahamilawat’. People do not want a ‘mahamilawat’ government of those who assembled in Kolkata.

“The way people keep distance from adulterated food, those who believe in healthy democracy will also stay away from them,” Modi said while replying to a debate in the Lok Sabha on the motion of thanks to President’s address.

Modi invoked Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar to say that he had said joining the Congress is like committing suicide.

“They all follow dynasty politics. All are dynasts and out on bail,” he said.

He said that “Congress-mukt Bharat” is not his slogan, he is just fulfilling the wish of Mahatma Gandhi, who had recommended the dissolution of Congress.

“To pay him tribute on his 150th anniversary, I have to do it. You try as much ‘milawat’ as you can, but you will not be spared,” he said.

The Prime Minister also came down heavily on Rahul Gandhi for targeting his government over the Rafale deal and asserted that his government is strengthening the Air Force with transparency and honesty.

“The Congress made our armed forces weapon-less. They never fulfilled the demand for bullet-proof jackets. They never thought of strengthening our armed forces. I want to say it on the floor of Parliament that the Congress does not want our armed forces to be strong, they do not want our security apparatus to be strong… You want the Rafale deal to be cancelled. For which companies they (Congress) are bidding that they are acting so shamefully?” he said.

On opposition charges of destroying institutions, Modi said it was the Congress which imposed Emergency, insulted Army, called the Army chief a “goonda”, their leaders created stories that the Indian Army is doing a coup, and now they allege that Modi is destroying institutions.

“The Congress questioned the Election Commission, Electronic Voting Machines, bullied the judiciary, called the Planning Commission a bunch of jokers and misused Article 356 around 100 times, but now it’s alleging that Modi is destroying the institutions. ‘Ulta chor chowkidar ko daante’ (the thief is scolding the watchman),” he said.

Referring to the arrest of AgustaWestland chopper deal case accused Christian Michel, he also took a jibe at UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

“This is the reason they are upset…’Razdar’ (those sharing secrets). They have been given letters… I can understand your problem,” he said.

Modi said that in hating him, the opposition has started hating the nation. “That is why their leaders go to London and do press conferences to show India in bad light.”

He said his government works for the people and is sensitive to their aspirations and following zero-tolerance policy for corruption.

“It is trust and optimism that will take our nation forward. We are not those who run away from challenges. We face the challenges and work to fulfil people’s aspirations.”

The Prime Minister compared the works done in the 55 years of Congress rule against 55 months of his government and said India has seen remarkable progress in the last four years.

“In all spheres — investment, steel sector, startups, milk and agriculture and aviation — India’s progress is outstanding. Our friends in the Congress see things in two time periods. BC – before Congress, when nothing happened, and AD – after dynasty, where everything happened,” he said.

Pm Modi said that in their 55 years, sanitation coverage was around 38 per cent and in the 55 months of NDA rule, it is nearly 98 per cent. Similarly, gas connections in their 55 years was 12 crore, which is 13 crore in 55 months.

“We have worked at greater speed in our five years (than the Congress governments).”

He said that thousands of organisations were getting funds from overseas and were shut down by the NDA government. “Why was such money was allowed to come in without accountability?” he asked.

Recalling two songs of Bollywood on inflation, he said price rise and Congress are synonymous.

“When Congress comes, so does price rise. The NDA government has worked to keep prices in check,” he added.

Published on : Feb 7, 2019 at 23:05 IST


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