Mithila Palkar reveals how she manages her curly hair in monsoon

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New Delhi :  Actress Mithila Palkar, who is known for her strong yet relatable girl in web series “Girl in the city” and is now gearing up for her big bang Bollywood outing in “Karwaan” with Irrfan Khan and Dulquer Salman, says that her off camera time is all about taking things easy and letting her hair breathe.

“Whenever I am in-front of the camera, my hair goes through a lot of harsh styling. But I ensure that my off-camera time is all about letting my hair down, taking it easy and of course letting my hair breathe! Over styling is a strict no-no. To protect my hair from breaking, I never comb my hair when it’s wet,” Mithila said in a statement.

She also says that managing the curly hair like her’s comes with its own set of troubles.

“The rainy season increases my problem tenfold as the humidity makes it very frizzy. So, even if I have to go out on my own casually, I need to pay special attention to my hair. I have also learnt some quick hairstyles like a half bun or tying up plaits on one side of my hair. They come in handy for all those days when I want to mix things up a bit,” she said.

As a person with curly hair, the first thing that used to come to her mind when it rained was that she can’t step out because her hair will get super frizzy.

“…. But you can’t say no to commitments. And so, all I can do is try to manage the frizz the best way I can! One routine that I swear by during monsoons is to religiously apply few drops of hair serum every time I wash my hair.

“It cuts through the frizz and makes hair quite smooth! I even carry it with me in my bag- whenever I feel my curls frizzing up, I use 2-3 drops and my frizz is tamed instantly,” said the actress who is also returning with her role in the third instalment of the “Girl in the city”.

She also says that as an actor, most of the times it is important to look the part you are playing and there are times when she has to look her best and with little time in hand.

“I keep a serum handy to save time and effort, and also to get a hairstyle that stays for long. I damp my hair, take 2-3 drops of serum and apply it through the length of my hair- my hair becomes super smooth, letting me style it any way I want and – it also gets the perfect, glossy finish. Alternatively I use a dry shampoo to style my hair when I am in a hurry,” she said.

 Published on: July 16, 2018 at 17:45 IST


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