Mithila Palkar (File Photo/ Facebook)

Mumbai :  After working on three seasons of “Girl in the City”, actress Mithila Palkar says she got to fall in love with Mumbai city that she had grown up in.

The third season of Bindass Originals’ “Girl in the City” will come to an end on Friday. Mithila’s character Meera Sehgal became a role model to a lot of girls who move in different cities to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Asked what she is taking back with her after these three seasons of “Girl in the City”, Mithila said in a statement: “The more you are living in the city, the more it gets difficult.

“The size of a city remains the same, but it’s growing in volumes. It is growing at a speed that people are not able to cope with it right now. But I looked at this city very differently when I looked from Meera’s point of view. I got to fall in love with the city that I had grown up in.”