Minor boy’s body found at BJP MP’s house, probe on

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Guwahati | Following the recovery of a 10-year-old boy’s body from the house of BJP MP Rajdeep Roy in Assam’s Silchar town, the lawmaker on Sunday claimed that the child committed suicide after being denied a mobile phone by his mother.

The Class five student, whose name was also coincidentally Rajdeep Roy, had been residing in Silchar MP’s house for a year with his mother and older sister. The locals say it was a suicide, but the police have reported it as an unusual death.

The boy was found hanging inside the house on Saturday night. The police later sent the body for autopsy at the Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH).

The boy’s mother works as a house help at the residence of MP Rajdeep Roy. His family hails from the Palong Ghat neighbourhood of the Cachar district.

According to police, the mother took her two children to Silchar a year ago to ensure they received better education.


Talking to IANS, Roy said on Sunday, “The boy along with his mother and sister was living on the first floor of the house. On Saturday, the boy demanded a mobile phone from his mother for playing a video game, but she denied. After that, the mother and her daughter left the house for some work and the deceased was at the house.”

“When the mother and daughter returned home after 40 minutes, they discovered the hanging body of the child in the room. They called the neighbours and later police were informed,” the Silchar MP said.

Though the lawmaker suspected this to be a suicide, he is recommending a thorough police probe into the matter.

According to some sources, the boy was addicted to playing video games on mobile. Meanwhile, one of the relatives of the deceased 10-year-old boy said that they suspect it to be suicide.


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