Malayalam actress Priya dies of cardiac arrest, she was eight months pregnant

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Mumbai | Popular Malayalam television actress Priya, known for her role in ‘Karuthamuthu’, passed away on Wednesday after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The actress was eight months pregnant, and currently the doctors are trying to save her baby in the intensive care unit.

Priya, who was also a doctor by profession, took a break from acting after getting married.

Actor Kishor Satya shared the news of her death on his Instagram account.

Sharing a picture of the actress, he wrote in Malayalam, “One more unexpected death in the Malayalam television sector Dr Priya died of cardiac arrest yesterday. She was eight months pregnant. The baby is in ICU. There were no other health issues. Went to hospital for routine checkup yesterday. Sudden cardiac arrest was there (sic)”.

The actor further mentioned, “The mother who is crying unable to accept the death of her only daughter. The pain of husband Nanna as a loving partner with Priya without going anywhere for six months… Last night while going to the hospital, the sight of sadness rained in my mind. What will you say to comfort them…. Why did God show this cruelty to those innocent minds who are believers…. The mind kept repeating the questions (sic).”


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