Lockdown effect: ‘Baraat’ staying at bride’s house in UP for more than 22 days

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Aligarh (UP): In a unique case of the wedding celebrations getting unduly extended, a ‘baraat’ has been staying at the bride’s house for more than 22 days now because of the lockdown.

Ramnath Mahato came to Atrauli in Aligarh with the baraat (marriage procession) of his son Vijay Mahato. The wedding was solemnised on March 21 and the ‘baraat’ was to leave on March 23 for Jharkhand.

The ‘janata curfew’ on March 22 and the subsequent lockdown put all their travel plans on hold and the 15-member ‘baraat’ has been staying at the bride’s house since then.

Bride’s father Narpat Rai said he was now finding it difficult to host the groom and the ‘baraat’.

“The district administration is not allowing them to leave. Though officials are arranging the lunch, I have to manage breakfast and dinner for the baraat. It’s difficult to get essential commodities to feed 15 people twice a day and the money is also running out,” he said.

The groom said, “It’s an unusual situation. We do understand the problem, but can’t do anything.”

However, one of the baraatis said at the end of the lockdown, they could easily qualify for a slot in the Guinness book of record — for a ‘baraat’ that stayed the longest at the bride’s place.


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