Lockdown decision will be declared at right time: Javadekar


New Delhi: Amid apprehensions that the lockdown period may be extended due to the rising number of coronavirus cases across the country, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday said that the government would announce its move at the “right time”.

As only eight days are left until the end of the lockdown on April 14, the Minister said the government would take any decisions considering the interest of the people amid the Covid-19 crisis that has left 111 people dead and over 3,851 active cases across the country.

“We are monitoring the world situation every minute and therefore decisions are ultimately taken in the nation’s and people’s interests. That decision will be declared whenever the right time is there,” he said in response to a question during a Cabinet press briefing about the government’s thinking on the lockdown issue.

About the cabinet meeting, the first-ever held through video conferencing, Javadekar said Covid-related issues and experiences were shared among the ministers.


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