Liquor flows down Yamuna in Haryana town, tipplers make merry

(Photo: IANS)

Chandigarh: Liquor flowing down the Yamuna was too tempting a catch for some people in a Haryana town to ignore, despite the river’s swollen level.

Some residents of Radaur town in Yamunanagar district jumped into the river to lay their hands on plastic bottles of country-made liquor floating in it.

Police officials told IANS that a large number of liquor bottles were found floating in the river.

As the news spread in the area, a large number of people gathered there. A few of them jumped into the river to take out some of the bottles.

“Someone might have dumped the bottles in the river. We are investigating the case,” a police official said.

Local priest Swami Maheshshram told the media he tried to dissuade locals, warning that the liquor might be spurious, but some still went ahead to ‘net’ their share.


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