This Kerala student draws using her hands, feet and mouth

Photo: IANS

Thiruvananthapuram | Here is an artist in Kerala who has mastered the skill of drawing caricatures simultaneously using both her hands, feet and mouth.

E.V. Divya is a third year general nursing student hailing from Thrissur and though not an artist, the boredom during the lockdown last year, made her think on how best to utilise her free time after her online class.

“It was then I tried to draw caricatures and soon I got interested in it. When I felt I could draw reasonably well, I thought of using my left hand and soon that became a success. Then I tried with both hands, again I became successful,” said Divya to IANS.

The whole of last year she did the same in her free time and she got the full support of her father, who is a driver by profession, while her mother works in a private firm. She has a younger sister too, and all of them gave her moral support.

“This year, I tried to re-invent and put a marker pen on my right foot and started to scribble and then soon I realised I could do it. Later on put another marker pen on my left foot and that too turned out well,” added Divya.

“Last month, I decided why not put one marker pen into my mouth and here too I could come out with very good success. Since last month I have been using five marker pens and drawing the same picture of a person, but in different styles,” added Divya.

“The first caricature I drew using five marker pens was of actor Jayasurya and it came out well and I was extremely happy when he responded to me after I shared his picture that I drew. That was a great boost and since then I have drawn others also,” said Divya.

And when asked who she is planning to draw next, pat came the answer, “Superstar Mammootty. For me to draw a person, I first draw the picture of him using my right hand. Once I am sure the picture has come out well, I use five marker pens. It takes me around four hours to finish one caricature. When I did it first it took me six hours. Now I want to do it in even lesser time,” noted the artist and is excited about drawing Mammootty, which she has said will do next week.


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