Kerala: Man attacks wife for backing out of kidney selling deal

Representative Image (IANS)

Thiruvananthapuram | A man in Thiruvanthapuram was arrested for allegedly attacking his wife and children, after she backed out of donating her kidney to help him settle his debts, police said on Friday.

The incident was reported from Vizhinjam, near the famed Kovalam beach in the state capital city, when Sajan suddenly turned angry after his wife’s change of mind.

Sajan was having a debt of Rs 4 lakh and to clear the debts, it was agreed that his wife will donate one of her kidney to a resident in Malappuram district for which she would be given Rs 9 lakh.

In Kerala, there are agents who roam around searching for a donor and depending on the need, kidneys are sold to those who require it urgently. And once the deal is done, the donor then has to undergo a series of tests and Sajan’s wife had undergone them.

But her subsequent change of mind left Sajan fuming and he turned violent.

Unwilling to stand it, she approached the police and a case was registered against Sajan and he was later arrested.


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