IIT-Mumbai graduate takes up Group D railway job

Shravan Kumar

Ranchi: In era of lucrative private jobs, an IITian has preferred to join the Group D government job in Railways.

Shravan Kumar, an IIT-Mumbai graduate, has taken up the track maintenance job in the Dhanbad railway division. He had joined IIT-Mumbai in 2010 and completed the course in 2015.

“I did B.Tech, but I always wanted to join a government job. No job is bad. One day I will become an officer,” Shravan was quoted in a local newspaper as saying on Tuesday.

“I got the railway job through competitive examination. I joined my post on July 30”, he said. “I always wanted to become a government servant due to job security. I am hopeful that one day I would become an officer,” said Shravan.

Published on: Aug 27, 2019 at 18:25 IST


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