IIT Delhi Students Receive Record Number of Job Offers In Placement Drive 2021

IIT Delhi (The English Post)

New Delhi | A record number of over 1,250 jobs have been offered to IIT-Delhi students in the first two weeks of campus placements this year. The students have received job offers from several reputed multinational companies of which Microsoft has provided 60 job offers.

Among the firms that hired the students are Microsoft, HCL Tech, Jaguar Land Rover, EXL Analytics and Graviton Research Capital LLP India.

With this record number of jobs offered to students, IIT-Delhi has leapt past some big names like the University of Chicago, University of California, Berkeley and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, etc.

An official of IIT-Delhi said the institute has never received job offers in such a large number before, adding that it is 45 per cent more than the previous year.

According to IIT-Delhi, the PPOs (pre-placement offers) received this year are the highest in the last five years. About 180 PPOs have been received so far. 40 international offers were received by the students across geographies spanning Hong Kong, Japan, Middle East, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan and US. This includes nine international pre-placement offers as well. Last year (2020-21) students bagged 22 international offers (including 6 PPOs at international locations).

An online interview for job in progress (Representational Image | Pixabay)

Tech giant Microsoft made almost 60 offers while Rakuten Mobile, Japan, tops the list of international offers.

Around 350 national and international companies have so far registered themselves to hire the students.

Meanwhile, many students have opted for the deferred placement facility of the institute. The facility is available for those students who want to set up startups after graduation.

Students opting for deferred placement option can avail one time placement services within two years — till 2023-24.

IIT-Delhi stated that the quality of jobs offered in terms of compensation offered has also increased. The average compensation offered on campus this year as indicated by recruiters has shown over 20% increase. Around 80% of the students who showed interest in availing placement facilities in this phase have been recruited up to now with selections on over 350 job profiles from over 200 companies.

Representative Image | Pixabay

Most students have opted for jobs in their technical core. IT and Analytics are core to some departments like Computer Science, Mathematics and Computing etc.; companies registering under the ‘Finance’ track are recruiting for Fintech roles and companies registering under ‘Other’ sector also comprise many ‘Core’ sector companies. Further, students from management studies opted for roles in ‘Management’.

More than 400 organisations across sectors offering 800+ job profiles have registered as of now for hiring the students. Many companies will be scheduled in the coming days. Placement season goes on up to end of May. Phase I will conclude around end of December while phase II will be conducted between January to May. Students are also allowed to reappear for placements in Phase II.

Speaking about the placement season, Anishya Obhrai Madan, Head, Career Services, at IIT Delhi, said: “We would like to thank all the participating employers for reposing their faith in our students. We are confident that given the innovative approach to recruitment, companies will be able to make sound hiring decisions. We expect this positive recruitment trend to continue for the rest of the season.”




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