Had thought of clearing the exam only: UPSC topper Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma (Image: IANS)

New Delhi | The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) result came as a big surprise to Shruti Sharma, who has bagged the top position, as she had not expected to secure the highest rank and thought that she would only be able clear the exam.

“Now that I have got a chance, I am happy that I will serve the country. I made my second attempt this time as I had to give the paper in Hindi in the first attempt due to the wrong filling of the form, in which I was left behind by just one number. This time I wrote the paper in English and cleared the exam. Papa got very emotional when he came to know and he is coming back to Delhi, I was elated to see the happiness of my parents,” she said while talking to IANS.

Girls have secured the top positions this year. Ankita Agarwal got the second rank while Gamini Singla held the third position. Aishwarya Verma came fourth and Utkarsh Dwivedi secured the fifth place.


On the performance of girls, Shruti Sharma said that girls do not always get a supportive environment. “Now parents in villages and cities have started supporting their daughters. Because of which girls are moving forward,” she added.

Shruti Sharma studied at Delhi University’s St Stephen’s College and Jawaharlal Nehru University. She took coaching for the UPSC exams at the Residential Coaching Academy (RCA) of Jamia Millia Islamia. “RCA has contributed a lot in Jamia, a good atmosphere was given and a good teacher was provided,” Shruti said while praising the teachers at Jamia.

Giving a message to other students preparing for UPSC exams, she said, “If you have decided, then only prepare for this examination, do not study under any kind of pressure. Unless you yourself are ready, you cannot do anything.”

While thanking God, Shruti Sharma’s mother Rachna Sharma said, “We had faith in our daughter that she would do it, she studied day and night and today we got to see this day. Family and other members of the house are all very happy.”


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