Former FS Subhash Chandra Garg calls transfer to Power Ministry ‘punishment posting’

Former Finance secretary Subhash Chandra Garg (File Photo)

New Delhi: Former Finance secretary Subhash Chandra Garg, who retired from service on Thursday, has said that his unconventional style of work during his 36-year long public service career, had resulted in several ‘punishment postings’ and ‘unceremonious exits’, the most prominent one being his transfer from the Department of Economic Affairs to the Power Ministry.

“…The shift in July 2019 from the Department of Economic Affairs to the Ministry of Power as Secretary did attract wider media attention as well. There were several other such instances when I was transferred to what some people refer to as ‘punishment’ posting,” said an open letter posted on an unverified Twitter account named after Garg.

Garg had applied for voluntary retirement in July after he was shifted from the Department of Economic Affairs to the Power Ministry. Thursday was his last day in office.

In the tweet on the unverified account of his name, he said: “Moving out of the IAS today. Over 36 years of incredibly satisfying, gratifying and fulfilling experience. Look forward now to a new innings outside Government in Finance and Economic policy making related work. A note summarises my service experience and plans.”

The letter said the former bureaucrat had to face several such consequences due to his “independent and unconventional ways of functioning”.

“It might be a little strange, but all my postings as Chief of Finance Departments in the state and at the Centre ended a little bit unceremoniously,” it added.

Sharing another such instance he said that in December 2008, he was shifted from the position of Principal Secretary Rajasthan, the day the new government took over and was made Commissioner of Bureau of Investment “a position of much smaller responsibility”.

“Again, when my services were offered as Executive Director to the World Bank by the Union government in 2014, without my asking for it, the then chief minister of Rajasthan felt so offended that I was relieved of my duties as Principal Secretary Finance on the day my prospective appointment orders were issued and had to cool my heels for about one and a half month as Officer on Special Duties in the government of India,” Garg added.

 Published on: Nov 1, 2019 at 15:13 IST


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