Delhi-Doha plane diverted to Karachi due to medical emergency, person declared dead

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New Delhi | An IndiGo flight was diverted to Karachi airport in Pakistan after one of its passengers fell sick. The plane was flying from Delhi to Doha.

The passenger reportedly passed away before the flight could land.

Officials said that a passenger on IndiGo Airline flight 9E1736 felt sick in the flight, after which the captain of the plane contacted the Karachi Air Traffic Control and relayed the information regarding a medical emergency.

“IndiGo flight 6E-1736, operating from Delhi to Doha was diverted to Karachi due to a medical emergency on board. Unfortunately, on arrival, the passenger was declared dead by the airport medical team,” said the airline on Monday.


"We are deeply saddened by the news and our prayers and wishes are with his family and loved ones. We're currently making arrangements for transferring the other passengers of the flight, in coordination with the relevant authorities," added the airline spokesperson.

Officials said that the person has been identified as a Nigerian.

Earlier, on February 20, a Delhi-bound Air India flight travelling from New York was diverted to London on Monday evening due to a medical emergency.

In a similar incident in mid-January, a Madurai-Delhi IndiGo flight was diverted to the Indore airport following a medical emergency with a passenger mid-air.


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