Daughter’s shooting hobby gets Delhi Police inspector suspended

New Delhi: A video of Delhi Police Sub-Inspector Dinesh Kumar has gone viral on social media in which his daughter is seen practicing in a North West District police line shooting range in the capital with the service revolver of her father.

The incident happened on September 13. This was confirmed to IANS by the North West District Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Vijayanta Goyal Arya.

“I saw the video, prima facie, it appears that allegations are true. Investigation is going on. High level enquiry has been ordered into the incident so that the whole truth can come out,” Arya said.

“Accused Dinesh Kumar is a reserve Inspector in North West Delhi for the last three years. He was recruited as a sub-inspector in Delhi police. After seeing the video, I have given the order to suspend him with immediate effect,” Arya added.

In the video, Sub-Inspector Kumar can clearly be seen giving the service pistol to his daughter who is seen firing in the shooting range. According to rules, a service pistol can only be used by a police personnel.

The video, in which the Sub-Inspector is seen in uniform with another person in a white T-shirt, and a girl taking aim and shooting with the service pistol, is available with IANS

The sound of firing can be heard in the video while the Sub-Inspector can be heard encouraging his daughter to aim properly.

“It is a dereliction of duty, that is why I suspended him,” said Arya, adding that the matter will be investigated by an officer of additional DCP rank.

Apart from dereliction of duty, the misuse of service weapon, personal use of service pistol and bringing outsider into the police shooting range are some of the points of reference in the investigation, according to Arya.

On being contacted, the accused Sub-Inspector Dinesh Kumar told IANS: “Whatever happened, happened. What can I say? Everything is visible in the video. Right now I am driving, can’t talk more.”

Published on: Sep 19, 2019 at 20:04 IST


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