Coronavirus: IIT-Kanpur asks students to vacate hostels by March 19

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Kanpur: Sensing the gravity of the situation arising out of COVID-19 outbreak in the world, IITKanpur authorities have put stringent measures in place to prevent its spread on the campus.

After suspending classes for students till March 29 IITKanpur administration has now asked the students to vacate the hostel rooms.

In a mail send out to IITK residents, institute’s Deputy Director has asked students to vacate hostel rooms by March 19.

“It is likely that the spread of the virus will increase significantly over the next week or two. It may also lead to a situation in which institute has to get the hostels vacated. To avoid a scenario in which a large number of students have to be vacated with shortage of transport facilities, the Task Force constituted for COVID-19 on Monday recommended a gradual reduction of students in the hostels” a mail from the Deputy Director, IITK, Prof Manindra Agarwal read.

The instructions passed by Prof Agarwal to the students stated that all undergraduate, MBA, and first year MTech/MDes/MS students are required to vacate the hostels by March 19.

Only PhD, second year MTech/MDes/MS and fifth year Dual Degree students already on campus are permitted to stay in the hostels after March 19, the instructions read.

For PG students away from campus, special leave will be provided, he mentioned.

In case any of the PhD, second year MTech/MDes/MS and fifth year Dual Degree student wishes to leave the campus, special leave will be provided for the same.

In addition to this, some other protocols are also being adopted. This include all bookings for social functions in Community Centre-I and Aashiana that involve visitors from outside are being cancelled until further notice.

Another quarantine facility is being set up on the second floor of Community Centre-II. Hence, no functions can be held in Community Centre-II until further notice.

Retired employees coming to Health Centre for regular medicines should report to Help Desk set up in front of the Centre between 10-12 am. Prof Agarwal said that their booklets will be deposited and medicines delivered to them through the Desk.

Specialist OPD being run at Health Centre is being suspended from tomorrow until further notice.

Elderly people and children should go to Health Centre only if it is essential as they are most susceptible to infections.

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