Congress manifesto is for Nehru-Gandhi family: Modi

Photo: IANS

Photo: IANS

Latur (Maharashtra): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said election manifesto of Congress was aimed at securing the fourth generation of Nehru-Gandhi family while the one released by the BJP was development-oriented.

Addressing a rally here, Modi said his party’s manifesto was to be for the next five years while the Congress’ manifesto will cease to exist on May 23, when result for the Lok Sabha elections will be announced.

The Prime Minister’s comments were in response to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s tweets that said the BJP’s manifesto is short-sighted and a reflection of the voice of an isolated man.

“The Congress manifesto was created through discussion. The voice of over a million Indian people it is wise and powerful,” Gandhi said earlier in the day.

“The BJP manifesto was created in a closed room. The voice of an isolated man, it is short sighted and arrogant,” he added.

Modi in his turn termed Congress’ manifesto as ‘dhakosla patra’ (eyewash) aiming at garnering votes. While, the BJP’s ‘sankalp patra’ is for voters, he said.

Saying Congress’ manifesto was made with “selfish motives”, Modi said “Congress’ ‘dhakosla patra’ intends to secure its fourth generation while ours seeks to secure generations to come.”

 Published on: Apr 9, 2019 at 14:56 IST