Congress confirms Rahul has gone abroad

File Photo/IANS

New Delhi:  Rahul Gandhi has gone abroad, the Congress said on Wednesday, confirming the news reported by IANS two days back.

“Rahul Gandhi has gone in the past from time to time on a meditational visit on which he is currently there,” Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said at a media briefing.

On October 28, IANS reported that Rahul had reportedly gone to Indonesia.

Earlier, during the campaign for Assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra too Rahul had gone to Cambodia, leading to questions over the timing.

Surjewala was asked whether Rahul Gandhi would participate in the nationwide agitational programme planned by the Congress from November 5 to 15 against the government over issues like economic slowdown and job losses.

“This entire programme was drafted as per his (Rahul’s) direction and in consultation with him and he guided the party on the various steps and issues that were to be taken,” the spokesperson said.

He said Rahul Gandhi was also present in the meeting where this programme was decided upon. “Neither Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji nor Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji are going for state agitation and district agitational programmes. So I don’t know what the question is?”

 Published on: Oct 30, 2019 at 19:17 IST


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